Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Throughout the past fourteen years, Floyd Mayweather Jr. has dominated the fighting industry. Called Floyd “Money” Mayweather and earlier “Pretty Boy”, Floyd Mayweather has stayed unbeaten all the way through his forty one career match ups.

Though several of these achievements can be ascribed to his natural skills, Mayweather's boxing routine has undeniably helped him to stay fit to fight.

Here’s a quick look at what Floyd Mayweather Jr does five days a week.


Made up of 10 distinct elements, Mayweather’s workout routine was created to improve his strength, speed, endurance and fighting abilities.

1) Shadow Boxing

Right after getting his hands taped, he begins the workout with shadow boxing. Shadow boxing is a easy warm up for fighters that lets them work on their technique while loosening up their muscles and joints prior to starting the remainder of a training routine.

2) Sparring

Then he moves onto sparring. Mayweather pairs up with one of his training partners and “practice boxes” for twenty to thirty  minutes. The goalhere isn’t to win - Mayweather focuses  on improving his performance and building up his skills.

3) Heavy Bag

Mayweather then practices his punches with the heavy punching bag. The heavy punching bag is the most common of all of boxing workout gear and it allows Mayweather Jr to develop extreme power and strength in his hits.

4) Pad & Floor Work

He then works with his trainers on pad and floor work. Both of these types of training help boxers to increase their real world boxing ability because they match up the boxer with an authentic opponent.

6) Neck Work

Floyd utilizes numerous weighted neck resistance exercises - like the weighted neck extension - to build up the muscles in his neck and upper back.

7) Sit Ups

He uses sit ups to build up a tough core and stomach. This helps minimize the shock of fast punches to his belly and combined with low body fat, makes his abs look “shrink wrapped” like in the picture below.

8) Dips

At this spot in the boxing routine, Mayweather performs dips using a dip bar. Dips work Floyd’s arms and chest.

9) Jump Rope

Jumping rope is a typical exercise in any fighting workout. Mayweather jumps rope to enhance his coordination, stamina and cardiovascular health.

10) Double-End Bag

Mayweather then employs the double-end bag for “target practice”. Double-end bags move around easily because of the way they are fastened to the gym’s flooring and ceiling, making them the ultimate choice for training accuracy and timing.

11) Jogging

Mayweather finishes up all of his workouts by going for a  5-8 mile jog to develop his endurance level  and aerobic health.


In order to make his weight class, Floyd Mayweather attempts to eat healthy, but admits that he isn’t perfect. In an interview with Men’s Health, he revealed that “Every now and then you’ll see me drink a little soda here and there because I’m only human”.

When he’s trying to make weight, Floyd makes it uncomplicated and concentrates on eating a smaller amount of calories than he burns. Simply put, he creates a caloric deficit.

Brad Pilon (the gentleman in the youtube video above) is a scientist who has developed written a weight loss book called Eat Stop Eat. It encourages you to make weight loss simple by using intermittent fasting to reduce  the amount of food you ingest.

See the Eat Stop Eat website to learn more.